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Crystal Cleveland Reviews Ethan's performance as Dracula:

"In his commanding but deceptively understated performance style, the priceless Ethan Daniel Corbett can do loads with an arched eyebrow and an evil grin."

-The Show Report

"Corbett deadpans Officer Lockstock to delicious effect..."



"Ethan Daniel Corbett burns up the stage as gang leader, Riff"


"Ethan Daniel Corbett stands tall and fearsome as Riff."

-Broadway World

"It wasn't just dancing, it was acting. BRAVO! From the first moment, the reveal of Riff (the incredible Ethan Daniel Corbett) you know you're in for something special."

Steven Wishnoff - HBO's Oz

-Broadway World

"Ethan Daniel Corbett demands the spotlight as the preening Carnoli as he orders his four vampire minions around."

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