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Ethan has a few projects on the horizon. Check here to stay up to date:

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Headless Horseman

Ethan stars as the Antagonist, Angel Cregar.

Streaming on AppleTV.


Clown & Out

Clown & Out is currently in Post-Production.

Ethan stars as the Antagonist, Lou Ivanov.

An accidental shooting caught on live-stream, made a local comedian an instant celebrity and pushed him to find his own voice.

Clown & Out Movie Poster, Ethan Daniel Corbett, Alejandro Edda, Katherine Bourne Taylor, Fermin Martinez, Janet Quinonez, Sergio Guerrero Garzafox, Jesus Schettino, Rafael Loza, Doug Jeffery, Salim Sanchez, Fabian Montes Sanchez, Christian Infantes, gil cerezo, malili dib

Ethan Daniel Corbett | Actor, Writer, Performer, Director

17 Nuclear Movie Poster. Ethan Daniel Corbett, Madison Claire Parks, Lucie x Campbell, Shanti Campbell, Lucas Clark, Patrick Stroh, Nick Ferry

17 NUCLEAR is currently in post production. Ethan stars in this short drama where survival hinges on faith.

LIZARD BRAIN is currently in post production. Ethan stars as The Wanderer in this inter-dimensional Horror Film, set to release later this year.

Lizard Brain, Ethan Daniel Corbett, Rene Aranda, Ari Lagomarsino, Frank Perry, Dylan Cheely, Fabian Montes-Sanchez, Christina Holleran




BLURSDAY is currently in post-production. Ethan voices the character, Steve, in this story about, loss and isolation.

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